Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One Of My Collar Designs is in A Contest--PLEASE VOTE

A while back I submitted one of my collar designs to Blockhead Radio and it has been chosen to be included in this week's Artisan's Challenge. I need everyone possible (any friends you might convince also) to go over to this link and vote for my "Pretty Pink and Lime Princess Dog Collar". Here's the link:

Let the page load and then scroll down to vote--THANK YOU!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~squeals~ OMG...adorable!!!

I am going over and voting right this minute.

Ayssa said...

This is one great looking collar! I am amazed at your creativity. In general, I am amazed by the various dog collars coming out in the market today, you have rhinestone studded dog collars, designer dog collars, personalized dog collars! It's a great time to be a fashionable dog!

Ayssa said...

I've just voted :)

Craftola said...

I voted for ya!!!! The collar was GORGEOUS!!!!!! :>)

Suzanne in TX said...

I'm ahead right now--so thanks so much for voting for my design! Keep your fingers crossed that I make it to the next level!