Sunday, August 30, 2009

Labels to Treasure

This weekend we visited our daughter and son-in-law in San Antonio so I really never made it to any estate/garage sales, but I do have to share what I found a couple of weeks ago on the last day of an estate sale in an older section of Abilene.
Of course, almost everything was half price that day, so I was searching through all the leftovers (mainly junk to me) when I saw this binder on a bookshelf. It was marked $1.50, so for 75¢ I pulled it down to see what it contained.

I was in shock! Every one of the FORTY pages was filled with neatly arranged garment labels!!!

I can not begin to imagine the amount of time it took to obtain all of the labels and painstakingly add them to this notebook--tape, tape, and more tape!

Some were very, very vintage while others appear to be from the 1980's and early 1990's. They were such a delight to me because, you see, I have my own little collection of vintage garment labels that has grown over the years. I keep my "few" in a little container on one of my shelves with the full intention of someday finding the perfect way to use/display them.
Here are 2 pictures of my collection:

I decided I couldn't let some of those labels just reside in that binder. They needed to be displayed! I carefully removed several from the pages and using a double stick, archival tape, added them to a sheet of leopard print paper and framed them! Now I plan to find the perfect location to make them viewable by many and not tucked away any longer.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my labels that I plan to treasure. I am linking to Rhoda's Today's Thrifty Treasures and Susan's Met Monday, so skip on over to their blogs and be a part of the events!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As I was adding some Fall collar designs in my Etsy shop earlier today, I glanced up at my clock that has the outdoor temperature feature. It read 107 degrees! Well, I know it isn't totally accurate, but it is HOT here today. To make everyone "feel" a little more like Autumn/Fall, I thought I would take a moment to feature some of my designs for you today.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thrifty Treasure Re-Designed!

I'm participating in this week's editions of Today's Thrifty Treasures and Metamorphosis Monday. so be sure and lick on the buttons below to go join in on even more fun at these parties:

By now, most of you know that I try to go to nice estate sales during the last day's event, which usually offers more savings on any items still remaining. Recently, I went to an "upscale" estate sale during the final HOUR of the sale. Practically everything was an additional 75% off the marked price. I headed for the vintage jewelry are FIRST!!! Look at this lovely bracelet and clip earring set that was originally $18.00. I grabbed it at $4.50 and said, "this is going home with me!".
It is unmarked, but in excellent condition and not to be worn by the faint at heart. Those stones are HUGE! The bracelet even has a safety chain, which is a mark of superior craftsmanship in my opinion.

Of course, I don't wear clip earrings, so what is a girl to do with those monster clip-ons? Make rings, of course! I simply snipped off the clip for ears and using my favorite glue (E-6000), added an adjustable ring base to one of the earrings. I'm waiting on doing the same to the other earring, because I want to see how well this method holds up over time.

I think the set turned out pretty cute. How about you???

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Back in 1993 I discovered channel 19, QVC! I have been hooked, or I should probably say addicted, ever since. Yes, I purchase items regularly and return a fair majority of them. The "Q" is almost a staple in my TV viewing everyday.
I love some of the Hosts and feel like they are friends--sad, but true. Some of the hosts have been on QVC for over 20 years and after listening to them for hours, I feel as if I actually know them. Once of my favorites is Mary Beth Roe. She appears to be so genuine and sincere. She just celebrated her 50th birthday during a special show on air with a live audience. She seemed to be having so much fun! One caller surprised her with a special "Happy Birthday Call". It was none other than Marie Osmond! Mary Beth and Marie have been teamed together on air for years while Marie sells her dolls. They have a special bond and it shows in their friendship.
If you haven't gotten to experience QVC on TV, you can "get your fill" online 24/7! They carry so many name brands and designers now! Plus, you can not beat their return policy: try it for 30 days and if needed you can return it for a full refund, including the original shipping charges!
Oh and did I mention EASY PAY?? Anything to get us to BUY, BUY, BUY!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


A few weeks ago there was an amazing Estate Sale in the "ritziest" section of our neighborhood. Everything was priced too high for my taste, but it was fun looking. The lady who was moving had TONS of clothes for sale, again priced really high. There was lots of linen garments, which I really love for the Summer, but, alas, I left with only one pair of white pants and a black tunic top. I nabbed them on the last day and paid $7.50, because all the clothes were 1/2 price.
So this week I made a random stop at my favorite Thrift shop and guess what???? Most of the leftover clothing from that sale had been donated to the shop. WOOHOO! I went CRAZY! I bought 17, yes 1-7-teen, pieces for a total of $72.26 with the tax!!!
Many of the items are too big--anyone wear size 14 or 16??? Let me know if you need some linen pieces.
The brands are NICE: David Dart, Isabella Bird, ESCADA(yes), Flax, and more...
Here are some "poor" pictures of the group. I had planned to take some outdoor shots, but the West Texas wind will not cooperate.
Needless to say, I had to pay cash and would have gotten even more things, but I only had $80 with me! Time to quite, I guess.

I'm linking with Today's Thrifty Treasures, so please head on over to Rhoda's Southern Hospitality Blog to see other fun finds! Just click on the button below:

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Friday, August 14, 2009


I've been sort of Blog lazy this week. I just realized that I have not even posted anything since last Sunday! Shame on me! Today is our 33rd wedding anniversary--HOW CAN THAT BE??? Wasn't just a "few" years ago that we were racing to our getaway car after the reception, only to find that someone had wired the doors shut!!! GRRR!
Anyway, we have had a pleasant "laid back" day today. We had an early evening meal (wasn't sure whether to call it supper or dinner, especially since we ate at 4:30pm), at Taco Bueno. It is our customary trek on our anniversary because when we left our wedding reception 33 years ago, we headed straight to the only Taco Bueno located in the Houston area. It was tucked away in an obscure location in Pasedena, TX. MMMMmmm, but it was/is our favorite!

I've spent the last couple of days trying to improve my photography skills (or lack of) for my Etsy listings.
Here are some samples of my "previous" technique:

and then these are after I applied some recently read rules about white balance and exposure:

I think I am making progress, but there is still room for improvement. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

15 Minutes Makeovers for Metamorphosis Monday!


I love participating in Susan's Metamorphosis Monday Blog Party even though my transformations are very basic compared to some of the other inspirational posts. Head over to Susan's Party by clicking on the photo below after you read about my transformations.

I ventured out on Friday to several garage sales and here is a sampling of some of the treasures that now reside at our home. If you want read more about these finds, be sure and click over to my recent post for Thrifty Treasures.

Here is what happens when you use a little spray paint, in green for me--my favorite color.

I also brought home a few pieces of vintage(?) jewelry that needed a little transforming as well.
This necklace was intriguing, but with every movement it tangles up immediately! See all those metal "swirls"? They add lots of flair, but lead to the nightmare of tangles.

I decided it would be a great source for a few sets of earrings.

These earrings below were not something I would wear, but I knew the moment I saw them that they needed to become a "Book Thong: The Sexy Bookmark". To learn how to make the book thong, just check out my tutorial.

I have so much fun giving these as little gifts to friends!

And these Hibiscus earrings, at about 3" long, were too cute to leave behind.

I just removed the earwires (which I recycled to use on the necklace to earring project above), added little magnets to the back, and now they are the cutest set of magnets!

Quick Note about a Giveaway: Interested in possibly winning your choice of one of my collars??? Visit the Unique Women In Business Blog and read all about the Giveaway.
Thanks for stopping by and I would love it if you have the time to leave a comment.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


OMG, OMG, OMG! I just found out a few amazing things this morning. First, two of my designs made the front page of Craft Gawker!!! YIPPEE.

Second, I won the latest giveaway on the blog Unique Women In Business!!!
I'm hoping the gift will be scarf in this picture:

Hope your Saturday is just as delightful!