Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Yep--have you looked at the calendar closely? Christmas is less than 90 days away--wow! I have been busy making new Christmas 2009 collars and thought I would share a few pics with my loyal readers:

I also am working on more collarettes:

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vintage Treasures Found in Ziplock Bags

This is the last edition of Rhoda's Today's Thrifty Treasures until the Spring. I will miss seeing everyone's weekly FINDS and look forward to posting more next Spring. Be sure to stop over at Rhoda's Southern Hospitality Blog to see more!
Last Friday I found 3 garage sales to visit and only bought a few items at one, spending a total of $12. $8.75 of that was for 7 ziplock bags of assorted jewelry. I didn't open any of the bags at the sale, but saw "glimmers of hope" amongst the contents of a few of the bags. When I got home, straight to the table I went and opened every bag.
After tossing out some really cheap plastic beads and such, I ended up with this mound of goodies:

I took away the wooden beads and look at all the assorted pieces, some with real "GLIMMER and SHINE":

Surprises were in store! There were 2 Rhinestone brooches each marked WEISS on the back!!! YIPPEE!!!

These exquisite golden topaz clip on earrings were also mark WEISS!!! Double YIPPEE!!!

Another pair of cute little clip-ons had the marking TRIFARI, with the little CROWN--WOWWEE!!!

And FINALLY: This last pair of Rhinestone Clip-on Earrings--a few of their stones do exhibit a bit of yellowing maybe due to the glue, but they will still look great on display in my curio cabinet. They were marked EISENBERG ICE!!! TRIPLE YIPPEE!!!

So I will miss Rhoda's weekly event over the next few months, but please dear visitors, drop in now and then to see what I have been doing.
I'd love to read your thoughts on my ziplock bag discoveries, so please leave a comment if you feel so inclined.
See you next Spring, Today's Thrifty Treasures!

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Several weeks ago I had a blog post about several Thrifty Finds that included some wonderful and unique silver plated serving pieces. You may remember this picture from that post:

See the platter that is holding the sunglasses? It is a HEAVY piece, but has some terrible scratches and areas where the plating has been completely worn away. I still love the detailing of the edges and it is elevated by three decorative feet.

The engraving on the back says,"W & S Blackinton, Chippendale, 1451".

Kammy, over at Small Home In the Country introduced me to this FABULOUS color of spray paint by Krylon a few months ago: Oil Rubbed Bronze

I decided that is just what this platter due. Please notice how I recycle old plastic coated tablecloths for painting projects. I use them over and over before tossing them out.

I added 2 coats of the paint to both sides and now have a lovely "new" platter!

Thanks for taking the time to read about my latest "makeover"...I'm linking to Metamorphosis Monday, graciously hosted by Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Packaging 101--This is how I do it!

I think customer service should be our number ONE priority! I love sending out packages and having the customer respond with wonderful comments. It just makes what we do that much more enjoyable. I thought other home-based retailers might enjoy a glance at how I package my collars.

I use paw print tissue paper that is available from Nashville Wraps and include in each package a collar care instruction sheet,a request for photo sheet, and the ever so important reminder about feedback sheet:

I also include a business card (or two), handmade magnet with my shop info, a thank you card, and any other little Freebie I have available:

I wrap it all up and seal it with a handmade logo sticker and paw print ribbon:

At this point, I print out a packing slip and stamp "Thank You" on it and do the same with the Paypal shipping label:

I tape the shipping label on the front of a shipping envelope (I love the poly mailers from UPAKNSHIP), insert the packing slip and merchandise, and add another logo sticker on the back of the package:

Here are just a few of the comments regarding my packaging:

Great packaging - just like X-mas ! Will buy again and again !

Fast shipping and great packaging, with extra little goodies included. Thanks!

Great quality, fast shipping. Thank you for the little extras, I will definitely be back again!

Got them super fast, craftmanship is excellent, just precious. Even sent little suprises. Very friendly, will definitly order again.

Thanks for reading and I hope I have inspired you to take time to send out fun packages!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Colors Abound On this Collar!

I'm trying a little something different with this collar: interchangeable bows!
Let your little one wear it numerous ways--4 bows, 3 bows, 2 bows, 1 bow, or NONE! Match her mood for the day. I just added a few to my Etsy shop, if you don't see a size you need, please just let me know!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Look at what arrived in my mailbox about 2 weeks ago:

Yes, I have been summoned for Jury Duty once again. Honestly, I do not remember ever having been chosen--wonder why? Maybe I am too opinionated????

Anyway, last Friday evening I called the number on the card, as instructed, to see if our group did not need to appear (maybe the case was settled out of court?). Well, no--it is still a GO. So this morning I sit here typing and am ready to head that way shortly.

While completing the questionnaire after making the call, I had an epiphany! I really no longer work in my husband's medical office. I'm now SELF-EMPLOYED!!! I stumbled when I filled in "Your Occupation" with self-employed, then saw the next question:
"Your Employer"---oooppps! I should have written in something else on the "Your Occupation" line, while "self employed" should have been on the next...

This lead me to post this question on the Etsy Forum Business section, to which I received some VERY interesting replies:

Jury Summons: Have I quit my day job?


After reading through the answers and suggestions from other Etsians, I went back and added the following:

So off I go to the court house--I wonder if I can take pictures to use in my blog? Not likely, I guess!!! It should be an interesting day.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I belong to a few "bow making" groups on Yahoo and receive "Daily Digests" in my inbox frequently that I usually just scan, posting a reply now and then. A little over a week ago "one friend" posted that her daughter was doing some photo editing if anyone was interested. The price: $1 per photo, her age: 8 !!! Well, I bit, mainly because I thought how excited that little girl must be to have her own little source of income. Her mom thoroughly assured us that she was being carefully supervised, so here are the photos I emailed to her:



I have to say, I am super impressed. I know all of you are saying, "Suzanne, you can do that yourself". Well, you are right, but I'll never get around to finding the time...
I think she did a marvelous job and plan to send her more work soon. If you think you could use her help with any of your photos, just email me!
Thanks for reading and visiting. I'd love to see your comments on this little 8 y/o's talent.
Have a great week!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Wow--where did the summer go? I am ready for cooler weather, but will miss all the summer garage sales and estate sales. I visited a few sales this weekend, but really didn't find too much. Here's my one new fun finds that I want to share with you and the troup from Today's Thrifty Treasures blog party over at Rhoda's Southern Hospitality Blog.
Just down the street on Saturday were 2 garage sales. I picked up a few items of clothing at one and then spotted this mirror at the other. It was marked $5, which I was more than happy to pay. It works perfectly in my newly remodeled kitchen. I love the gold frame and the beveled glass/mirror.

Earlier last week, one of my devoted dog collar customers, Ellen, sent me a link to something she wanted to see if I could start making. I thought this would make a perfect entry for the Metamorphosis Monday blog party hosted by Susan of Between Naps on the Porch.
The link she sent was for items called "collarettes", which are made by refashioning the collars for shirts to be embellished as neckwear for dogs. They are just too cute! So off to the thrift store I did go, dropping EVERYTHING else to tackle this new "adventure". I picked up a just a few shirts to use as trials--averaging about $2.50 each (I have since found better deals on shirts).

I removed the collars, added a button here, hook and loop there, maybe some trim, and now they are in my Etsy shop as "CLASSY COLLARETTES".

This last one flew off to Oregon to be with my customer, Ellen, and her adorable little Siri!

I am working on several more right now to add to the shop.

One last thing: Monday, Sept. 7 is the First Monday Sales Event hosted by Etsy Texas Crafters. I'm joining in and offering 15% off all regular priced items (clearance/custom orders/shipping excluded) all day this Monday. Please read my CRAZY FOR COLLARS shop's announcement for the full details.

Drop on by and SAVE!
Have a great week everyone!