Monday, September 14, 2009


Look at what arrived in my mailbox about 2 weeks ago:

Yes, I have been summoned for Jury Duty once again. Honestly, I do not remember ever having been chosen--wonder why? Maybe I am too opinionated????

Anyway, last Friday evening I called the number on the card, as instructed, to see if our group did not need to appear (maybe the case was settled out of court?). Well, no--it is still a GO. So this morning I sit here typing and am ready to head that way shortly.

While completing the questionnaire after making the call, I had an epiphany! I really no longer work in my husband's medical office. I'm now SELF-EMPLOYED!!! I stumbled when I filled in "Your Occupation" with self-employed, then saw the next question:
"Your Employer"---oooppps! I should have written in something else on the "Your Occupation" line, while "self employed" should have been on the next...

This lead me to post this question on the Etsy Forum Business section, to which I received some VERY interesting replies:

Jury Summons: Have I quit my day job?

After reading through the answers and suggestions from other Etsians, I went back and added the following:

So off I go to the court house--I wonder if I can take pictures to use in my blog? Not likely, I guess!!! It should be an interesting day.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Hope you have a little better experience with it, than I did last month. Have a great week.

Barbara said...

Suzanne, I hate those things, never picked, so ends up a wasted day. I don't mind serving, but never have a chance.

Hope you either get picked or sent home right away.