Thursday, October 22, 2009


I just found the greatest blog, Today's Creative Blog, that features crafty ideas on Tuesdays so I am "bringing forward" this tutorial first published a few months back. I think this would be a great little project for simple quick tiny gifts to have on hand for the upcoming holidays.

So I absolutely love making these “covered button magnets”. They are quick to make, super easy, and not too expensive!

Supplies needed:

Button to cover kit—available in most fabric stores or online HERE
I like using size 45 (1 1/8” diameter) and size 60 (1.5” in diameter)
I’m using size 60 in this demonstration.
Small magnets—available in most craft stores or online HERE
Strong glue—I use E6000
Needle nosed pliers
Fabric scraps
Various trims/ribbons
Dryer sheets

Step 1:

Using the pliers, remove the shank from the back of the button.

Step 2:
Place the trims across the mold and position the fabric over the trim so that your design is centered over the mold.
Optional: add a layer of dryer sheet on top of the fabric. This helps to reduce the likelihood of the button “showing through” the fabric.

Step 3:
Center the button “top” on the mold, over the layers of trim and fabric/dryer sheet, and push it down into the mold using your fingers.

Step 4:
Trim away the excess fabric/trim and tuck the ends down into the button top.

Step 5:
Place the button “back” over the tucked in fabric and push down using your fingers, pliers, or the plunger provided with your button kit—you should hear it click in place. Pop out your button and you are nearly finished!

Step 6:
Add a small drop of glue to the center of the back of the button and top with a small strong magnet. Allow to dry overnight. Now find the perfect place for your new magnet!

HINT: I tend to make several of these at a time. It is BEST to arrange them so that there is ample room between each while they are drying. If you are using super strong magnets and arrange them too close, you may experience what happened to me. I accidently shoved one a bit and the next thing I knew I had a bunch of magnets with wet glue all stuck together. It was a huge mess and it wasn’t easy getting them apart, plus glue was EVERYWHERE! So please learn from my mistake.
Have fun with these! I do…


Three Dancing Magpies said...

Super cute! Thanks for reminding me of the big bunch of glue, magnet, fabric mess! I am about to glue some magnets on covered buttons! Great photos and tutorial!

Caroline ~ TrilliumDesign said...

What a great idea!!! Thanks for the tute :)

Unknown said...

This is a GREAT tute! Thanks so very much Suzanne.

renaye said...

great! but looks confusing for me about the mold thing part but i will give a try!

SewDanish-Scandinavian Textile Art, Unique Handmade Supplies said...

Hi Suzanne
Thanks for this great tutorial. I have made buttons and brooches like that, but hadn't thought about making magnets. Makes total sense. Thanks for posting the link on UWIB :-)

Erika said...

I love your site...thanks for sharing!