Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yummy Pork Chops ala The Big Steel Keg!

Last Summer, Tom, my dear sweet hubby, purchased The Big Steel Keg via Ace Hardware. He recently started using it to serve up the BEST pork chops ever!
Thankfully, he took the time to take photos while preparing and cooking today's batch.
Here are his instructions, fully illustrated for you.

Step 1: Fire up The Big Steel Keg until the temperature reaches 800 degrees.

Step 2: Tom buys 2" thick pork loins, center cut, bone in to make these luscious yummies. He removes them from the refrigerator and allows them to reach room temperature. He recommends seasoning them with your favorite concoctions. He prefers Tony Chachere's, and covers them well on all sides.

Step 3: Place the chops, bone side down on the grill and cook in that position for 8-10 minutes, finishing them off with a little over minute on each side.

Step 4: Once the cooking on the BSK is completed, he wraps the chops in a large piece of heavy duty foil, places the foil-wrapped chops on a platter, and covers them with several towels. 15-20 minutes of "resting" allows the chops to continue to "cook on their own".

Step 5: Uncover the most awesome, tender, and juicy chops and serve!

Thanks, Tom, for sharing this method with everyone!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Glass Magnets That Sparkle!

I recently was so inspired when I saw these on Pinterest! Luckily, Claire with Craft Addiction, had provided a great tutorial.

I varied the steps only a little, but the result was just as amazing. I applied Mod Podge to the back of each glass bead (be sure you use CLEAR not iridescent beads) using a brush. It gave me more control and seemed a little less messy.
I also placed the beads with MP applied in coffee filters prior to sprinkling on the glitter. The filters allowed me to add any unused glitter back into their original containers.

The only other change I made in the technique was to use E6000 for applying tiny magnets to the back of each glittered bead.
I just LOVE them. They sparkle so nicely! I think I love the gold ones the best, but it is hard to decide. Some of my lucky customers might just find one in their future packages!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Vintage Button Creations!

I made another button bracelet on Sunday, just before the Super Bowl. This time I started with a silver tone chunky charm bracelet and added lots of silver and pearl type of vintage buttons. How do you like it?

I also had these darling TINY black and clear rhinestone buttons that were screaming, "use me, use me!". They are each about 3/8" in diameter, so they turned out really cute as petite studs with a matching pendant. At least, I like them!


Monday, February 6, 2012

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY Vintage Button Bracelet

This is my first blog post in over a year! One of my New Year's Resolutions was to try to post a few fun projects during 2012--so here goes!
A few weeks ago I fell in love with an idea I saw on Pinterest--making a button bracelet.
Well, you see, I have a HUGE vintage button collection, so what better way to display some of them--right?
Here's my first attempt a made not long ago which incorporates turquoise rhinestone buttons that came from an estate sale--I remember purchasing the 2pc suit just for the buttons. The rest of the bracelet was fashioned using crystal faceted beads from a necklace which I rarely wore.

OK--Let's back up a few years ago. Below is a stretch bracelet I made from vintage buttons. Many of which came from the estate sale of Bea Haney, a local business woman who had an exclusive upscale dress shop here in Abilene during the late 1950's to 1970's, maybe even longer. I could never afford to shop there, but I grabbed up buttons from her estate sale!

I really was a little afraid to wear that bracelet for fear that it might break and I might lose many of the precious buttons. Today, I finally decided to take it apart and redesign a new vintage button bracelet.

Step 1
I started with this gold tone John Wind charm bracelet. I have fallen in love with his designs! I purchased my first John Wind trinket in Lubbock, TX at Hollyhocks early last Fall. I was super thrilled when I found this gold-tone bracelet online at Carol and Company!

Step 2
I chose several buttons with shanks, along with those from the "Bea Haney Bracelet" and auditioned them for placement on the bracelet.

Step 3
Using lots gold-tone split rings I connected each button to the bracelet, making sure to close each loop securely. It really took very little time, once I had picked out the buttons I wanted to incorporate. Here is the finished result:

I think I'll make another one during the Super Bowl this evening!