Friday, February 17, 2012

Glass Magnets That Sparkle!

I recently was so inspired when I saw these on Pinterest! Luckily, Claire with Craft Addiction, had provided a great tutorial.

I varied the steps only a little, but the result was just as amazing. I applied Mod Podge to the back of each glass bead (be sure you use CLEAR not iridescent beads) using a brush. It gave me more control and seemed a little less messy.
I also placed the beads with MP applied in coffee filters prior to sprinkling on the glitter. The filters allowed me to add any unused glitter back into their original containers.

The only other change I made in the technique was to use E6000 for applying tiny magnets to the back of each glittered bead.
I just LOVE them. They sparkle so nicely! I think I love the gold ones the best, but it is hard to decide. Some of my lucky customers might just find one in their future packages!

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Bonita12 said...

I've made many glass magnets before but never glitter ones. Can't wait to make these. Thanks!