Thursday, April 12, 2012

Karen Turns 50!

Karen, who has been Tom's PA for almost 20 years, turned 50 this week.  Since I just happen to have a vintage magazine collection, I love to find issues from a person's birth year and give it as a gift.  This is the May 1962 issue of McCall's that I chose for Karen's Special Gift!

Here's a short video showing her reaction when she opened her gift:

I just love all the ads from these vintage issues.  Here are just a few:


1 comment: said...

Hi Suzanne,
Just saw that you now have a blog!!! And, I must say, being born in 1955 and a child of the 60's, I think I remember this magazine issue! I, like many, loved Jackie Kennedy Onassis. What a classy lady. She had a huge impact on the style of the 60's. I still have my pillbox hat that I wore for Easter one year and my gloves. Also, wanted to tell you that I have purchased several dog collars from you for our little Maltese, Sadie Mae. She has one on right now. We get many compliments on how cute the collars are when she wears them. I love your idea for gifting someone with a magazine from their birth year. I'll have to remember that wonderful idea. Hope you are enjoying spring there in Texas. I am going to be heading to Houston soon to help my son celebrate his 29th birthday. I live in Washington State now, but I lived 18 years in Houston. My son and his wife live there where he works for Exxon-Mobil as an engineer. I always enjoy going back to visit. Hope you have a wonderful day. I'll have to follow you on your blog. xoxo Kim