Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Old Born Ballet Flats Repurposed

When I cleaned out my closet last week (see this post for pics),  I came across these Born ballet flats that I had bought a few seasons ago.  You know the type--big flowers on the front. Well, I put them on and decided I felt as if I was walking around wearing swim flippers.
"Shall I donate them or try a "redo" with them?",  I thought.

Here's what I did:
See those big flowers?  I noticed that they were just stitched on to the top of the shoes.  Using little embroidery scissors, I very carefully snipped the stitches and had them removed in no time at all.

Next, I chose some clear rhinestone buttons I happened to have on hand, and cut off their shanks.  I applied glue (E6000 or use your glue gun) to the back of each button and placed them where the flowers had been attached to each shoe. 

After the glue had thoroughly dried, I was out wearing them around town!

I now have 2 super cute leather distressed silver-tone flowers that I can use on a couple of dog collars!

The most difficult part of the project was just deciding which pair of rhinestone buttons to use.

I loved the outcome on the metallic flats so much, that I decided to adorn a pair of simple, plain Clarks ballet flats with rhinestones, too.

I think they now look more Spring-like!

Dig through your closets and see if you can find some shoes to repurpose.

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