Tuesday, March 6, 2012

9 Products for Achieving Bright Red Glossy Lips

I recently became obsessed with having red lips--Bright Red, Glossy Lips! It started before this year's Academy Award Show, but seeing the starlets on the Red Carpet just fueled my passion for finding products to help me achieve the perfect results.

Here's my list of goodies and a little about each one of them:

I found this online after trying it at our local Ulta store (they were out at the time). It is more like a rich lipgloss, and tends to be more pink on me. I find that it doesn't last too long either, but I do love the feel/texture and shine it provides.

This was a Walmart find for me. It is just a super sheer, very moist, lip balm and great for everyday. It seems to keep my lips hydrated and yet adds just a touch of red. Plus, the price is right, at around $5!

Gosh, the Sephora shops can get me into so much trouble! I love getting to "play" with all the samples. This lip liner is a must! I love the rich color, that it is retractable, and the little brush end is just marvelous. I need more colors!

I first saw this at our local Ulta, but alas, they were out of it, so off to Amazon.com I did go. I LOVE this lipcolor. It is super rich, full of color and shine. Just as the name implies--it is PRETTY AMAZING! I have bought 2 of them now, just so I don't go without.

I happened upon this in a Sephora shop inside JCP in Lubbock, TX. It is another must have lipstick. I need more colors. The color is intense and lasts. I love the feel and the fact that it offers SPF15, too! It is luscious! Plus, and this may sound silly, but I LOVE the case--the color and feel of it. It's the little things that make me happy!

I have had this lipstick for quite a while and end up using a lot like a lip balm. It provides color and super moisturizing benefits, as well. I bought mine in a trio from QVC, but I don't know if it is still available there.

This is another GREAT find from WalMart. For the price, it has loads of color and seems to last a long time. I just prefer it with a gloss on top for more shine. It comes in tons of colors and I have several that aren't a true red.

Another find at Sephora! I have not had much experience with lip stains, but the consultant assured me that this one was not supposed to be as "drying" as several that are on the market right now. I've only used it topped with either a gloss or one of my other "red finds", so it hasn't seemed to dry out or irritate my lips. It does help the color to LAST!

One more goodie from WalMart and it is another MUST HAVE, in my opinion. A great lipgloss, that isn't "sticky" or "gooey", which I tend to try to avoid. This one works well with all of the above items or on its own. LOVE IT!

Anyone have a similar obsession with lip color?

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