Friday, June 25, 2010


Goodness! Am I late in posting this edition of Happy Pets or what? Summertime is hectic at times and I really need to get more organized apparently. I have such a wonderful group of customers for my Crazy For Collars and just love receiving photos of their fur babies wearing their new neckwear.
Here are just a few of the photos I have received lately. Enjoy these sweet pets!

Swisher in her new Patriotic Collar

VERA, the Wedding Ring Bearer

Hershey in her new colorful collar

Bristol, modeling my latest Top Knot Hairbow (TK Bows)

Layla, with a new Zebra collar

Zeppelin sporting the Diagonal Stripes

Thank so all of the wonderful pet owners for sharing these photos with me and my readers!


Ellen said...

Adorable hair bows!
Hershey is a pal of mine and looks smashing in her new collar.

Kirsten said...

All simply adorable Suzanne! My goodness, you have ready made models! Lucky you.... and how great that something you made was a part of someone's wedding..... That must be an incredible feeling! Have a wonderful weekend, UWIB sister!! :)