Monday, April 12, 2010

Springtime Wild Flowers Are Now Appearing!

Last Friday afternoon, Tom and I headed to Austin to visit Andrew, our son. With the hopes of seeing bluebonnets I packed a bag with my faux dog models and a couple of my Bluebonnet Button Bow collars. We would see small patches along the highway, but nothing that would be suitable for photos. We did see a patch of flowers near a Roadside Picnic area just outside so Santa Anna, but decided to try to catch it on our way home.
As we approached our turn into our hotel in Austin, we spotted the PERFECT, BOUNTIFUL, array of Bluebonnets just across the street. Who would have thought that we would find a lush bluebonnet patch right in the middle of Austin?


Karen Terry, Artist/Designer said...

Great photo op! The blue bells are so pretty but not as pretty as your collars! My Momma's poochie looks adorable in his!

Maria Soto Robbins said...

Great photos of the cute collars & the bluebonnets! The one time we visited Austin, years ago, they were everywhere along the roads! Spectacular!

EDC Collective said...

Great idea for and execution of your product pics. I love the collars I have gotten from you.

impotenta said...

Great pics :)