Sunday, October 11, 2009

Super Quick and Easy Antennae for your Pet

I constructed Halloween Ladybug costume for a little Yorkie in Utah yesterday by making just a few changes to my Ultimate Vest/Tutu tutorial. I thought I'd share this quick, easy way to construct a set of antennae (yes, I double checked and that is the plural of antenna).

1. Felt scrap
2. Chenille stem (pipe cleaner)
3. 2 poms
4. oval pattern
5. ribbon or elastic
6. scissors
7. glue gun (my looks so yucky that I wouldn’t add it to the picture)

Step 1:
Cut an oval from a piece of paper, a suitable width for your pet. I made mine 4” X 2.5”. Using this pattern, trace the oval on the scrap of felt. Cut 2 of the ovals.

Step 2:
Cut a 6” (or longer) length of the chenille stem and bend into a square “U” shape.

Step 3:
On the underside of one oval mark the two points where the chenille “posts” will be positioned. Cut small slits at these points. Run a small bead of glue along the line between the posts on the underside and pull the chenille posts through to the other side securing in place with the line of glue.

Step 4:
Using small beads of glue, position the ribbon as pictured.

Step 5:
Run a thin bead of glue along the edge of the underside of the oval and attach the remaining piece of felt, covering the bottom of the chenille stem and ends of the ribbon.

Step 6:
Add a tiny bead of glue and position a pom on the end of one “post”, pressing firmly until the glue sets. Repeat for other “post”.

Tah-Dah~~quick, easy antennae for your pet to wear this Halloween!

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oh my goodness, that is too cute!