Sunday, June 21, 2009


Some of you probably use a Light Box to photograph items that you sell online. I purchased one a few months back, mainly to take photos of my vintage jewelry. I soon decided that I needed something similar, but larger in size, to use to for my pet item photos. Using the lights that came with the Light Box and some other clap lamps that I have for use at craft shows, I was able to "fashion" a little light studio on a table here in my sewing studio. I have draped a white tablecloth (purchased for $1 at an estate sale) over 2 wire racks that are fastened together and placed in a "V" formation.
I'm still working on getting the brightness of my photos perfected, but I'm making progress with this new "set-up". Any suggestions/comments will be greatly appreciated!


Dirt. said...

what a fabulous studio, suzanne! i'm still shooting my stuff on the bed next to the window! thanks for sharing your lighting setup.

Paper Squid said...

Great setup! I have one similar but I should definitely take a cue from you and add a whole other clip light with the white-natural ottlite bulbs I bought. (I currently am only using 2). I think a 3rd would really do the trick. Thanks!

Ziporgiabella said...

I appreciate how you creatively used the parts of your photo box! Love your dog photos! They are all so elegant wearing your beautiful collars.