Sunday, May 17, 2009


I just love it when a "happy customers" send me pictures of the designs they created after purchasing one or more of my instructional eBooks. I thought that I should share their creations with you, my readers.
I'll start with Linda. She purchased my Crazy For Collars eBook and sent my the most inspirational pictures of her two-toned collar and leash sets. She is such a talented and creative person!

Katie also purchased the CFC eBook and take a look at the collar she created. She even commented that she "isn't a bowmaker". Great job, don't you think?

also sent along a picture of the jean apron she created using my jeans-to-apron tutorial that I have posted on this blog. I just love how she embellished it!

Christy purchased my Ultimate Walking Vest eBook and made little Shilo the cutest outfit. I love the choice of colors she used for the vest.

Lastly, Cathy made her little Dixie this adorable tutu/walking vest using the UWV tutorial. I can't decide which is cuter--the tutu or Dixie!

Thanks for sharing everyone!

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