Monday, April 20, 2009


PART 2: The Waist/Half Apron

Supplies needed:
One pair of high waisted jeans—the larger the size, the larger the aprons
Double Fold Extra Wide Bias Tape—2-3 packages or make your own
Any extra trims, buttons, fabric or tulle that you desire to use for embellishments

Step 1:
Cut the jeans into 4 sections: Front, Back, and 2 Legs
Save the leg portions for PART 1 and the back for Apron #2

Step 2:

In this example, I am using the front portion of the jeans. If you notice, the front seam does not lie flat near the crotch area. In order to alleviate this issue, open the front seam 1.5”-2”, so that you can “flap” one side over the other, making the front flat. Sew the “flap” in place and trim off the excess denim underneath.

Step 3:
If the bottom of the front is uneven, using care, cut across the front making it as straight as possible. I went ahead and curved both lower corners, my personal preference for this project.

Step 4:

Cover the raw edges with the bias tape. I actually made my own in Part 1 and had enough left over to use for this apron. Optional: detach the lower part of the side belt loops, attach the bias tape, and reattach the belt loops. This allows for a more finished appearance.

Step 5:
Decide what you would like to use for the tie/waistband and how long you need it to be. I used the same fabric as the bias tape, cutting a piece 9” X 72”. With right sides together fold it in half and sew across one end and along the length of the piece. Turn the “tube” inside out and stitch the open end closed. Press and insert it through the belt loops. You just made the tie/waistband! I felt like my new apron needed a “little more” so I cut out a floral shape from a scrap of denim and my printed fabric , attaching them to the apron with a fancy zigzag stitch. My apron is complete—what do you think?

Here’s the apron I fashioned from the back portion of the jeans:

To summarize:
Take ONE pair of “old jeans” and make FOUR “new aprons”:


LitlbitRanch said...

Thank you for sharing your design. I have seen thes in craft shows and wanted to make some. I forgot I had my hubbys old jeans lying around so I need to make a few pairs. I never would have thought about the kids aprons with the legs! Great idea & I appriciate you taking the time to share with us.
KimberlyAnn -

Kat said...

Hi I just found your tute via one pretty thing. I love the idea of using the jeans to make aprons. I only every think of making bags with my old jeans. Now I have another option. Thanks

Linda Hoetger said...

These are so cute! I have jeans and now another idea for what to do with them Thanks!

Kathleen W. said...

That is so cute! Thanks so much for sharing that tutorial.

Also, in answer to the question you left on my blog (I didn't have your email to email you back), you might add some color via a simple background design. You can read my post on it here

Dana said...

Those are SO CUTE! I'm gonna look at Goodwill for some jeans to make some of these!

Kari Sweeten said...

What a great refashion idea!! I am totally featuring this.

Melissa said...

Holy cow, those are cute. Too bad it's the bias tape and not the pants that should be extra wide. I have got plenty of those.

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I linked to this again! Brilliant!

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Too cute and very would appreciate the upcycled aprons i have made using thrift store denim.

yourpursenality said...

I love this tut! Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful idea1

kszwahl said...

Just made my first aprons from your idea, and posted it on my site.