Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shout Out to Amy!

Do you ever just want to "try before you buy" something? Well a couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to try embellishing doggie tees with vinyl lettering and/or designs. Now keep in mind I do not own a heat press or cutting machine, so everything would have to be done via exacto knife and household iron. So my search online began...well the vinyl comes in huge amounts, at least from what I found. So I started searching ETSY and happend upon Amy's shop, Broake & Thumb Studios
This lovely, and obviously very talented, Etsian was so gracious when I contacted her about buying just a few left over scraps to use for my "trials". She not only sent them lightening fast, but even included full directions. I also have to say, my "home method" is working so far! Yeah! I just need easier designs to cut out and use. I'll post pictures when I can.
So Amy--you are the BEST! Thank you for your generosity and kindness!

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