Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Old Pair of Jeans? 4 New Aprons!

This past weekend I bought A Is For Aprons, written by Nathalie Mornu and was instantly inspired to make a new tutorial on some bib aprons I used to make from the leg portion of old jeans. I realized that I could utilize the top portion of the jeans to make 2 waist aprons--what a great idea! Right???
So I began--a simple bib apron from the jean's leg. I took LOTS of pictures along the way. I added a pocket, that I had saved from another jean project, to the front with embellishments of small ball fringe and buttons. I think it turned out cute.
On to a half apron...Once again, I took pictures of every step along the way. I cut the crotch area and folded it over, sewing it down, to reduce any bulk or bulge in the center front. I cut out the sashes, and developed what I thought was a unique waistband treatment. I added tulle and other trim I had on hand to give it some extra frills.
Then the fun began--I needed to edit my pictures from both projects! Following my "normal" routine, I was downsizing them when I accidentally DELETED ALL but 2 of the 72 photos!!!! I was SICK--I needed a chocolate sundae to sooth me (well, I did resist that urge). My wonderful husband tried to help me "find" them, but sadly they were gone. We were able to download a software program that could restore all of the pictures on the SD card, and yes they were there! BUT to recover them fully I would have had to buy their program ($40!). Needless to say, I just took some more pictures of the finished products to share with all of you. I still have plans of making the tutorial while using the remaining parts of the jeans. Here's the pictures of my "trial run":

Step 1: Cut up an old pair of "mom" jeans

Step 2: Make a bib apron from a leg of the jean

Step 3: Make a half/waist apron from the front (or back) of the top of the jeans

I hope to get a "REAL" tutorial together for all of you soon, until then--ENJOY!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Those are cute.

I am so sorry that you pics got deleted! Don't you hate it when that happens?

Kathy said...

What cute aprons...you have a lot of wonderful ideas! I do like your blog and became a follower. Come on over to Craftola when you get time and check out the contest and give away I'm doing for the month of April. It should be fun....Hope to see ya there!

Korrie said...

I love this!!!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Wow, I love that the back of the jeans are used! How cute is that?!?