Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More on The Inflatable Petticoat!

Recently, I was contacted by Crinolyn, the webmistress of, regarding my earlier post about those cute "inflatable petticoats" from years gone by. She sent me the following photos from ads that were in the Montgomery Wards Catalog. I just love the idea used with the full slip/petticoat!

She also included these photos that are the colorized versions of the earlier ones I had posted. Aren't they amazing?

Crinolyn happens to OWN one of the petticoats! She graciously took the time to take and send along photos of it for me to share with my readers.

Thank you Crinolyn for taking the time to contact me and for sharing these wonderful pictures with all of us!


Craftola said...

I love your blog...came by on the UBP and so glad I did! Come on over to my blog, leave a post and be eligible for the give-away I'm having....:>)

Craftola said...

Oh, forgot to say that I'd never heard of the inflatable petticoats!!!!

Carolee said...

Stopping by for the UBP. Cool stuff! Stop b y my blog & say hi

sandi said...

Suzanne - so glad to find your post on the inflatable petticoat. I had one! Have mentioned over the years that I was jealous of my cousins because my aunt would let them blow their slips up much fuller than I was allowed - my mom absolutely denies any knowledge of this slip or my limited puff - smile! Now I was only 6 or so and surely didn't buy it myself - maybe a gift from grandma, I don't remember. But so happy to have some pics to send to my mom!! Proof of the blow-up slip does exist!!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha....this is so funny! It was only tonight at my daughter's wedding shower that I was talking about the inflatable slip when I was a little girl. I said I surely wish I still had it because no one else I know has ever heard of them....hahaha We also talked about playing jacks! WOW! Would have loved to taught my girls to play jacks!

Sara Clemens said...

Hi All:

I remember petticoats but not the inflatables . . . and our moms dressing us in these cute little slips and party dresses. Rather full skirt, I remember, so bending over was a major problem. I remember wearing them to class, too.

Or maybe not because we were kids but, yes, I remember the bouffant skirt look and, no, I didn't push my kids into them.

Yikes, 40-50 years ago.

Pam said...

My sisters and I had these. We loved them!
No one else seemed to remember them. What wonderful memories we all have of our Mom getting them ready for us to wear at Easter.

Anonymous said...

I had a inflable slip I wish I still had it!!!